Sunday, April 10, 2011

Full sew in

Back in December of 2010 I did my sisters hair for her graduation. The type of hair i used was Sensational Goddess Remi 8" Color #2. It took me about 3 hours.I start by using some regular dollar kanekalon hair to braid her hair in a circular pattern.

After I got done I placed a weaving cap on her hair. I cut the top off and sewed the sides off it to her braids. (The weaving cap is netted so it allows me to sew where there are no braids since her hair is a bit thin and short. It also gives extra protection.)

Then I began to sew the tracks. I cut the wefts of the first five tracks or so that I placed in the back of her hair.

            After I completed that I began to sew around the circle contiuously without cutting the wefts.

                         So I kept sewing and sewing until I got the smallest closure hole possible.


The pictures of the closure and me putting it in were deleted so I will make a seperate blog post on me doing that. The results.? I bumped it a little to making wrapping easier.

                                          At her graduation dinner with her friend. She is on the right.

Art Project : Making hair extension clips

The Supplies you will need :

                Scissors, weaving thread, wig clips, needle(I used a straight one), Hair on a track
                                              ( I used   Goddess Remi 8" #2)

(Assuming that evyone knows how to thread the needle) Thread your needle as usual and tripple not it at the end.

                                                  Put needle through TOP hole in the clip.

                                            Put needle through track where you want clip to be.

                                 Pull through until the knot at the end of the thread is pulled all the way through.

After this you insert the needle through the hole on the clip and that spot in the track about 3 more time. Now it is time to start sewing in the second hole on the opposite side.

                 Bring the track across and make sure its tight with no bumps or bubbles. (pull tight!)


Put the needle through the track and hole making sure you are pulling tight  so the track lays flat against the track. Sew in and out about three times again and then cut needle off thread. With two loose ends tie the thread three times really tight. Cut extra thread. You have now sewn a clip on the a track. Repeat process. I usually space the clips 2-3 inches apart.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jahneice's Hair: Highlights

In January or 2011 I gave my sister's friend light-brown high lights. This was my first time ever doing color of any kind and I was nervous but excited to try something new. It took about 2 hours to do and the outcome was very nice. The color I used was Chestnut blonde from Dark & Lovely. She was happy with her hair and so was I. I was very proud of myself.

What I used:

  • Bowl
  • Foil Stips
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Color Brush
  • Color
  • Round Bbrush
  • Blow Dryer
  • Flat Iron
    The Color I used.


Putting the color in.


                                                                All done. Letting the color sit.

                                                                       Blow dryed.



                                                                       ALL DONE.!

Solo & Ensemble 3-5-11

During the first saturday in march (March 5, 2011) my school hosted Solo and Ensemble Contest. It is a music contest where people play their instruments and do either a solo or ensemble. There is a judge and they give you points in catergories. When you are done they add up the points and the number of points you recieve will either add up to a I, II, III, IV, or V. I participated in an oboe duet, and two mallet percussion ensembles. On both mallet ensembles we recieved a I and in the oboe duet we recieved a  One of my mallet percussion ensemble was called Metric Lips. This song was very challenging but we recieved a I. We were very excited because we worked very hard for three months. Here is our practice perfomance we made many of mistakes but the final performance was so much better. Didn't get that one on film though.I('m the girl in the front on the bigger instrument with the gold things coming down.)

Braiding My Best Friends Hair

I absolutley love braiding hair! Ever since I was 11 and had my doll heads I have been unstoppable. This is my best friend Sydney's hair. I went over her house and we were a little bored and her hair was a bitof a mess. She asked me if I could braid her hair straight back with a few designs here and there. Since I love hair so much I just up and reached for the comb, brush, gel, and rubber bands.

Top View

Side Views

The braids are small and not to tight and she loved it. I loved doing it.