Sunday, April 3, 2011

Solo & Ensemble 3-5-11

During the first saturday in march (March 5, 2011) my school hosted Solo and Ensemble Contest. It is a music contest where people play their instruments and do either a solo or ensemble. There is a judge and they give you points in catergories. When you are done they add up the points and the number of points you recieve will either add up to a I, II, III, IV, or V. I participated in an oboe duet, and two mallet percussion ensembles. On both mallet ensembles we recieved a I and in the oboe duet we recieved a  One of my mallet percussion ensemble was called Metric Lips. This song was very challenging but we recieved a I. We were very excited because we worked very hard for three months. Here is our practice perfomance we made many of mistakes but the final performance was so much better. Didn't get that one on film though.I('m the girl in the front on the bigger instrument with the gold things coming down.)

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