Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art Project : Making hair extension clips

The Supplies you will need :

                Scissors, weaving thread, wig clips, needle(I used a straight one), Hair on a track
                                              ( I used   Goddess Remi 8" #2)

(Assuming that evyone knows how to thread the needle) Thread your needle as usual and tripple not it at the end.

                                                  Put needle through TOP hole in the clip.

                                            Put needle through track where you want clip to be.

                                 Pull through until the knot at the end of the thread is pulled all the way through.

After this you insert the needle through the hole on the clip and that spot in the track about 3 more time. Now it is time to start sewing in the second hole on the opposite side.

                 Bring the track across and make sure its tight with no bumps or bubbles. (pull tight!)


Put the needle through the track and hole making sure you are pulling tight  so the track lays flat against the track. Sew in and out about three times again and then cut needle off thread. With two loose ends tie the thread three times really tight. Cut extra thread. You have now sewn a clip on the a track. Repeat process. I usually space the clips 2-3 inches apart.

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